New Client Announcement! Cell Surgeon Partners Up With Shark Branding Solutions

Cell Surgeon, Tennessee’s premiere cell phone and device repair center, partnered with Shark Branding Solutions to develop their new marketing strategy for their multiple retail locations. Shark Branding Solutions, a PR, marketing, branding and social media agency located in St. Petersburg, FL, will be working with Cell Surgeon to create an entirely new marketing strategy which includes strategic messaging, media, marketing and public relations for the retailer.

“We’re thrilled to have Shark Branding Solutions on The Cell Surgeon team; they truly understand our vision,” said Cell Surgeon Founder and CEO Adam Disbrow. I am confident in Shark Branding Solutions’ abilities to strengthen our presence in the region with our target markets."

Shark Branding Solutions builds its marketing strategies for their clients through a variety of untraditional and viral marketing tactics combined with branding, PR, marketing and social media. They create a custom roadmap for each client, focusing on competitive landscape, key influencers, and strategic partnerships.

“Cell Surgeon is a visionary in their space and we’re honored to be working with them,” said Co-Founder and President of Shark Branding Solutions, Michelle Frome. “Shark Branding Solutions and Cell Surgeon have a shared interest in differentiating themselves through the power of marketing.”

About Cell Surgeon The Cell Surgeon team are experts at taking away the high cost of cell phone repair and cracked screen repair. They know how handcuffed you can be with a broken smartphone – missed calls, missed texts, unable to access your contacts. This is why they work quickly to provide you with iPhone or Galaxy screen repair or iPad repair quickly, in about the same time it would take you to go to the cell phone dealer and buy a new phone.

About Shark Branding Solutions Shark Branding Solutions isn’t your typical marketing and advertising agency where it takes months to create a strategy and tens of thousands of dollars to see minimal results after a year. We use a variety of untraditional and viral marketing tactics to put companies everywhere their customers are. We help our clients get attention, be found, seen, heard, watched, and read on any device at any time at prices they can afford. We work fast and efficiently so they can see results almost immediately.

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