Why Brands Don't Care About How Many Followers You Have

Ever Wondered How Influencers Make Money From Posting On Social Media?

It's called influencer marketing and it's on track to be an $8 Billion industry next year.

The world of advertising is changing and companies are looking for people with less than 2,000 followers to PAY them to authentically promote their products.

Advertisers realized when someone posted a good review about a product on social media, many times their friends and family bought that product.

That's when companies started paying people in exchange for posts.

They pay them all sorts of ways, such as giving them paid vacations, free products and even cutting them paychecks.

At first, this opportunity was only available to people who had thousands of followers.

Well not anymore.

The world of advertising is changing and companies are looking for people with less than 2,000 followers because their posts drive more product sales than the ones from celebrity influencers.

But where do you start?

Up until now, there's not been a true template teaching you how to become an influencer.

That's because it has always happened by chance.

Most influencers got their big break by posting pictures of products, tagging brands and "hoping" they get noticed. In the event they do get noticed, hardly anyone shares how much they charge and how much brands are willing to pay.

This stops now.

No one has time to spend hours creating free content that may or may not lead to brand sponsorships.

Since our team develops influencer camaigns for these brands, we know the types of influencers they want and what they're willing to pay.

We know who to contact because these brands are our clients. They are our friends.

So if you've ever scrolled through your social media feed and wondered how to get paid by brands, check out our workshop and we'll teach you how to turn free products into paid brand sponsorships.

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