The one question that will determine if your social media marketing will be successful

Updated: Jul 12, 2018

And it's surprisingly simple.

If you’ve ever used social media, you know that consumers are good at tuning out brand-related content on Facebook. Chances are, you are even one of those consumers. In fact, you would probably agree that it would take a lot to motivate you to recommend a brand to others, let alone purchase your products. Therefore, why is it you don’t take this into consideration when utilizing social media marketing for your own company?

When bringing on any new client (especially one that has had mediocre results with their current social media marketing efforts), one of the first questions we ask them is “Why do you want to have a social media presence?” Typically their answers range between “to increase sales” to “letting customers know we exist.” Unfortunately, the hard truth is that the answer to this question has absolutely no bearing on whether your brand will be successful on social media.

The second question we ask is “Why would your customers follow you on social media?” This is usually the question that stumps them and is the most important question for them to answer. There are many reasons why consumers follow brands on social media and the main ones are to:

  • learn more about products and services.

  • provide feedback or make a complaint.

  • keep up with trends.

  • make purchases.

  • join brand fan communities.

  • leverage promotions and sweepstakes.

The determining factor on if your social media efforts will be successful is if you stop making your social media about what YOU want and make it about what your CUSTOMERS want. (BTW-these are also known as your social media audiences.)

Here’s a few 4 ways to create social media content that your consumers will care about:

  1. Stop selling to them. Consumers want to make educated, informed decisions. Therefore, give it to them. Customize your social media pages with photo galleries, videos and links that showcase your products. Provide information that focuses on the perceived value of your products and services.

  2. Create content that generates real interest. Post customer stories, photos, videos and other interesting information to garner attention. Before you post anything, ask yourself if you or your friends would share this information. If the answer is “no”, then rework the post until the answer is “yes”.

  3. Use social media for special events. Promote your next marketing event or product demo right there on the platforms, such as Facebook Live. This gives consumers a reason to continue following your pages.

  4. Generate buzz. Conduct contests offering exclusive freebies or prizes that act they can’t get anywhere else.

The reason why this list works is because consumers don’t follow brands on social media because they want to help increase your sales. They follow brands because they want to make an emotional connection through positive customer experience and have engaging conversations. Once you are able to understand what your brand’s emotional connection is with its consumers and act upon it, you should have truly successful social media marketing that ultimately increases sales.

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