People Having A $hittier Monday Than You

Updated: Jul 17, 2018

We all hate Mondays. However, no matter how awful your Monday has been, there's probably someone out there who is having a worse Monday than you. We've pulled together a collection of people in marketing and advertising that are having a really shitty Monday. Just remember-yours could always be worse. Much, much worse.


Millions of excited Amazon shoppers counted down to the 0 hour this afternoon only to find their long awaited deals were inaccessible.

Prime down. Amazon's Prime Day turns into Fail Day.

Instagram trolls

Users of the social media platform get busted insulting friends, making crude sexual propositions and generally being terrible humans

Instagram users who though new ‘Questions’ feature is anonymous and got busted asking very inappropriate questions

Papa John's

It's doubtful you will ever see pizza mogul's name next to the papa john's brand again. Get's evicted from his own offices.

Papa John's controversial founder is being kicked out of the chain's office after saying the N-word during a conference call.


Study: 47% of advertisers spend less on Snapchat video ads than expected. This is very bad news for the social media platform.

Advertisers are turned off by image-messaging app Snapchat and show much greater preference for rival Instagram

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